Straight Outta Japan.

Amazing Selection of Items and Experiences, Imported from Japan.

One of the best, yet still largely undiscovered, shopping destinations in the city is Japantown. A cultural experience whether one is on a serious shopping spree or simply browsing, there’s everything Japanese from silk kimonos and antique folk art to the latest cosplay fashions and manga from Japan. Beyond cliché souvenirs, there are trendy t-shirts and tote bags, porcelain pottery, tea, incense, and the latest in Asian skincare. People from all over come just for the grocery shopping where the markets stock imported Japanese food items and meals to go. There are also sweet shops that showcase confections not found anywhere else in the city with creative packaging that’s an added delight. Japan Center and its nearby streets offer a shopping experience not to be missed.

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Indoor Dining + Take-Out Available
Tokyo Anime Center
1581 Webster Street, #115, San Francisco, 94115
Indoor Dining + Take-Out Available
3 Pillars
1630 Post St, San Francisco CA, 94115
Indoor Dining + Take-Out Available
1730 Geary Blvd STE 207, San Francisco, CA - Kinokuniya (on the bridge), 94115
Indoor Dining + Take-Out Available
1581 Webster St # 220, San Francisco, CA - Kinokuniya Mall, second floor, 94115
Amiko Boutique
1737 Post Street #317-18, San Francisco, CA 94115
Angel Beauty
1737 Post St, #315, San Francisco, CA, 94115

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