Project Description

Great news from the SF Anime Festival and Cosplay organizers. Two Canadian cosplayers are coming to the 2019 SF Anime Festival and Cosplay. Yume夢 and Kitsurie will be featured as the Guests of Honor at this year’s festival. Yume has been cosplaying since 2005 and Kitsurie since 2008, they started doing duo cosplays in 2012. Yume loves the sewing aspect of cosplay making, while Kitsurie enjoys prop making.

The SF Anime Festival and Cosplay is a family friendly and inclusive event for everyone to just have fun – as a participant or a festival goer. With vendors and stage participation, celebrate all things anime and cosplay. Get your wigs and costume on, find your Senpai and notice your Kohai while exploring great shops and restaurants in East and West Japantown Malls. Discover local talents and participate in interactive stage shows while exploring what Japantown has to offer. With free admission, come in cosplay or get ready to shoot some photos.

SFAF is a family friendly and inclusive event for everyone to just have fun.



Cosplayer Biography

Started cosplaying way back in 2005, now its my 10th year! I’m constantly challenging myself with new techniques in order to improve on my costumes. I’ve competed in multiple masquerades and achieved master level status.

Now, Yume just wants to travel around the world attending cons and making new friends ♥


*Anime North 2006 Hall Costume Award
*Anime North 2008 Hall Costume Award
*Richmond Hill Cosplay Competition 2011 – First Prize 
*Con-G 2012 Hall Costume Award
*Anime North 2012 Masquerade – Most Accurate Journeyman (Workmanship); Best Journeyman (Presentation)
*ConBravo! 2012 Masquerade – Best in Show
*Otakuthon 2012 Masquerade – Most Dramatic Presentation and Best Ultimate Weapon
*Richmond Hill Cosplay Competition – First Prize
*Con-G 2013 Masquerade – Best in Show



Cosplayer Biography

From Toronto, Canada. Kitsurie started Cosplaying and making cosplays in 2008 with the first ever costume Kairi from Kingdom hearts 2. She has had many years of prop and sewing experience under her belt since then. As of late  she has been finding challenges in perfecting the character through makeup, wig styling and story telling through photos.

Yume and Kitsurie have been cosplaying together since 2011 and enjoy creating content and costumes together. Overall all they love traveling and meeting people around the world who enjoy the same hobby.

The most recent  projects include expanding into YouTube to provide fun and entertaining videos for thier followers to enjoy. Along with an cosplay style webtoon starring their own Original characters Kyu and Jihun.

More than anything Kitsurie hopes to inspire and bring happiness to the people who support  her. She will continue to challenge herself and she hope you guys are down to join her as well!

YouTube:  TG!FT

Webtoon: True Intent


*Gundam girl- Honourable Mention for Workmanship at Anime North 2011
*Hall Costumes- Rina- Luminous Arc