The Japantown Merchants Association (JMA) would like to assure all visitors to this website that JMA is committed to preserving your privacy and safeguarding your information provided to us online. The following information describes JMA’s practices and usage of information gathered from our website. JMA collects and receives information from individuals who knowingly volunteer this information to us for the sole purpose of JMA to provide information, products and/or services to the requestor.

All personal and identifiable information such as, but limited to name, address, phone number, email address will not be sold, shared or given to individuals or other organizations unless JMA is ordered to do so by a court of law. Information provided to us through this website is entered into our Agency database. Thru this database, we keep you updated thru emails, mailings and newsletters on JMA’s services, programs and events that may be of interest to you. If you wish to update your personal information or interests, cease to receive JMA information or you have received our information in error, please email us at

Japantown Merchants Association (JMA) limits personal information to specific staff who either manage this website or need your information in order to provide you with the information and/or services requested.

Privacy Policy Changes:

The Japantown Merchants Association (JMA) may modify this information at any time without notice.

Privacy Policy created June 1, 2014.