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In response to COVID-19, we can help your business adjust as follows:

  • Interpreting in video conferences, online seminars, and webinars (English-Japanese).
  • Urgent preparation for new contracts and various legal documents in foreign languages.
  • Translation and localization of content for new online products and services.
  • Translation and localization of marketing materials such as websites, apps, digital advertisements, and/or landing pages.

Why you should choose our service:

  • You can focus on essential business discussions without wasting time and resources on translation efforts as well as eliminating anxiety and stress that may come with language barriers.
  • Our linguists are the best in the business and their respective fields.
  • We provide our services with flexibility when responding to urgent or one-time inquiries, regardless of the size of the project.
  • We handle multiple languages including but not limited to English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Korean.

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