While you’re shopping, take a peek at the gorgeous Japantown Trees of Hope around the mall!

Sometimes you might know exactly what gift that person on your Christmas list wants. Other times, they might seem to have everything. If you need some ideas, here you go! By the way, all the businesses in Japan Center Malls are listed online.


You can’t go wrong with Totoro. Everybody loves Totoro, and you can find movies, posters, and plushies at Japan Video and Media, Inc. Their selection of movies is incredible, with Japanese movies (some with English subtitles). 

Kawaii (かわいい) gift ideas

Amiko Boutique has some extremely cute plushies in their West Mall Store. They also have pens, stickers, and backpacks for kids of all ages. Suki Boutique, also in the West Mall, has a strong Kawaii presence, with tiaras, baubles, and shiny hair clips. They also carry purses, necklaces, and bracelets, many with sparkles! Asakichi has some adorable small coin purses shaped like dogs, owls, and other cute animals. 


Cats, cats, and more cats!

Everyone knows that one friend who can’t get enough cats, #AmIRight? If you can’t beat ‘em, why not join ‘em with some unbelievable cat items? Kohshi Master of Scents has incense, plus fun cat incense holders (as well as beautiful, culturally significant Japanese folk art). Daikoku by Shiki has neko galore, with rice bowls, sake cups, and plates, all decorated with cats. You can even shop by region or style of ceramic ware in Daikoku by Shiki! 


Self-care gifts

Some of the best gifts are designed to make your beautiful friend even more beautiful! For instance, how about a Hello Kitty Face Pack from Candy Doll Beauty? Or, for a fancier gift, a new do from Glam Up Salon, in the East Mall? The Face Shop has fab skin creams, scrubs, and wonderful Korean beauty serums. 


Edible gifts

For something consumable, how about some yummy mochi from Nippon-Ya? The strawberry mochi are developed exclusively for Japan Center Malls. You’d better get them wrapped, though, because they are very delicious and you might be tempted to eat them all before giving them away! For more edible gifts, try Nijiya Market. They have a big selection of Japanese beer. And you can find some awesome Matcha pocky, which make great stocking stuffers!